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R.W. Patrick & Associates, Inc. (RWPI) is a full-service professional civil engineering and surveying corporation based in Houston, Texas.  We have extensive experience in many different types of civil engineering and land surveying projects involving governmental, private, commercial and industrial types of work and services.
R.W. Patrick & Associates, Inc.
Our firm is recognized as a small business enterprise by the Small Business Association (SBA).

RWPI has civil engineering and surveying  experience that spans more than 38 years.  We have a proven track record in providing superior engineering and surveying services. 
The RWPI Team of Professionals

RWPI is an organization with a solid reputation in the community.  This status has been earned by providing quality service with its impressive team of certified, specialized and educated professionals.

The team consists of a group of dedicated individuals who offer years of experience and believe in satisfying customers through commitment, involvement and providing the best service possible.  If you are a dedicated individual and interested in speaking with us about joining our team, please contact us at
Our Premium Services  

RWPI utilizes advanced engineering, design and surveying computer software/hardware to provide accurate, timely and cost-effective services:

  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) systems.
  • Comprehensive word processing & administrative management software.
  • Advanced tools for cost accounting and construction management.
  • Specialized computer software/hardware systems.
  • Computer-aided surveying instruments & data collection systems.

Our services include activities such as planning, evaluating, designing, drawing, mapping, reporting, estimating, developing plans/specifications/ bidding documents, and construction management.  Whether our clients require specialized engineering/surveying consulting services or turnkey project solutions, our staff of registered, professional engineers and surveyors, CADD designers/technicians, and construction managers/ inspectors, have the capability and experience to ensure professional, timely, and budget-conscious completion of projects.

Our firm has a solid track record of managing engineering and surveying projects of all sizes.  Regardless of project size or type, RWPI maintains direct supervisory control from project inception to completion, and provides personalized client contact and accountability.  We remain committed to customer satisfaction by providing personalized, flexible 
client service and delivering premium, quality services.

Our Business Alliances 

RWPI has aligned itself with premier partners, professional organizations, and alliances to provide customers with quality and comprehensive solutions.  Please feel free to browse the web sites of our business alliances: